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Some Differences between the Main Cannabinoids Found in Cannabis

CBG: Cannabigerol is the first cannabinoid produced by the plant and the chemical precursor of CBD and THC. Normally, its concentration is higher in stems than in the flowering tops. It is not psychoactive and predominantly soporific.

CBD: Cannabidiol results from CBG and is the chemical precursor of THC. It is slightly psychoactive and known to suppress feelings at fear and pain. It works slightly sedative and reduce the effect of THC.

THC: Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is synthesized from CBD. It is the main psychoactive component of cannabis. Some effects are: relaxing, stimulating hallucinogenic and elevated pulse.

CBN: Cannabinol is formed from THC. It is specially present in old and badly stored plants. It is a slight psychoactive compound which works relaxing.

CBD is what modifies and changes the overall mood of the individual, giving him through a pleasant and refreshing experience: relief, well-being, optimism, harmony, high spirits... Its combination with THC (without leaving behind those beneficial terpines) is what creates the alchemy that enables the plant to become more anti-carcinogenic, anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-spasmodic, anti-depressive, bronchodilator, anti-bacterial, etc... or in other words, MEDICINAL without side effects. That does not mean that it will not get you high, in truth, it is the sum total of all the cannabinoids that counts. However, with this THC + CBD balance there is a different kind of sensation and experience softer and active.

IMPORTANT: Don’t confuse with CBN, since this is, to say it simply, the degradation of THC, the new form it takes after breaking down, and when it is very present in the plant, it gives the sensations of: heaviness, lethargy, weakness and drowsiness. In very high doses, CBN can even become narcotic.

That’s why REGGAE SEEDS is focused mainly on creating high quality genetics with extraordinary terpines and high percentages of CBD, and which include phenotypes with a THC:CBD ratio of 1:1. Since it is precisely this balance, this equilibrium between the cannabinoids, that provides more effective relief from, or lessening of, many symptoms caused by different types of illnesses, such as: chronic pain and inflammations, cancer(chemotherapy), anxiety, sclerosis, depression, Parkison, diabetes, addictions, glaucoma, anorexia, asthma, epilepsy, etc.. besides prevent and control deterioration bones and tumors. This is all backed up by the numerous clinical trials which have been carried out by labs which are also now extracting cannabinoids from the plant to make medicine, seeing as they cannot be synthesized.

Here we have listed the results of some of the most recent analyses, carried out and supervised by Energy Control. Where we show the diversity of ratios are presents.

Blackdance#28 THC 10% CBD 8%
Dancehall#22 THC 5% CBD 14%
Dancehall#25 THC 10% CBD 10%
Dancehall#11 THC 4% CBD 12%
Dub#1 THC 8% CBD 5%
Guayaka#10 THC 12% CBD 9%
Respect#13 THC 9% CBD 5%
Sra.Amparo#2 THC 10% CBD 6%
Session#28 THC 4% CBD 4%
Session#22 THC 3% CBD 4%
Respect#10 THC 8% CBD 4%
Guayaka#3 THC 9% CBD 5%
CBD genetic graph
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