Reggae Seeds

Cannabis XXI century recreational and therapeutic use.

Cannabis seeds bank. In Reggae Seeds we have extensive experience in genetic selection. Genetics of high quality, Reggae Seeds are a traditional bank.

Marijuana plants very aromatic, fruity flavors and incense. Active effects because they are carriers of CBD. The new generation of cannabis for recreational and medical use.

Adapted to indoor and outdoor cultivation in structure and flower. With good production as well as beautiful plants.



Selecting moments in photographs of Reggae Seeds in 2016 Spannabis.


We celebrated our tenth anniversary.

We dishing CBD 10 years. We feel blessed for having initiated the CBD era. Much remains to be learned from this wonderful plant and all its medicinal potential. It is clear that strength comes below des, des Earth and we are the people we love the Earth we will get a change for a better world. Go!!!


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