Reggae Seeds

Cannabis XXI century recreational and therapeutic use.

Cannabis seeds bank. In Reggae Seeds we have extensive experience in genetic selection. Genetics of high quality, Reggae Seeds are a traditional bank.

Marijuana plants very aromatic, fruity flavors and incense. Active effects because they are carriers of CBD. The new generation of cannabis for recreational and medical use.

Adapted to indoor and outdoor cultivation in structure and flower. With good production as well as beautiful plants.



Chromatography technique used to separate the pure components that are part of the mix. Serves to identify the components present in a plant, in this case we look at the THC and CBD.

It is a fast and cheap method for monitoring organic reactions.


Planting seeds and make selections to finally find the plant you like best, that best suits your tastes or needs, whether for medicinal or recreational use.

Once selected, it will be your mother plant, a plant that will always growing to 18 hours. From it you can be doing for your growing clones.

Grow your own medicine


Chronicles of the CBD wave:

"The CBD wave comes to change our concept of medical cannabis, but also the playful. The cannabinoid that few decades ago banished back to the first line of the scene and comes to stay. Actually the CBD never left, crouched, waiting for expert palates recognize its value." H. Madera